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Hire for Film / Media Production

Hire for Film / Media Production

Barrenjoey Boating Services, located in the picturesque Pittwater, Sydney, offers specialized services for film and media productions. Their operations span various waterways, including Broken Bay, Hawkesbury River, Brisbane Water, Pittwater, and other surrounding Sydney waterways. Their barges serve as unique platforms for diverse filming projects for private individuals, corporate entities, and government agencies.

For private individuals, such as independent filmmakers or photographers, Barrenjoey Boating Services can provide a unique setting or viewpoint for their creative projects. The serene surroundings of Sydney’s waterways can be the perfect backdrop for documentaries, short films, music videos, or photo shoots. Their barges can also be used as floating platforms for shooting scenes directly on the water, providing a dynamic and unique perspective.

Corporate clients, such as advertising agencies or film production companies, can leverage Barrenjoey Boating Services for commercial shoots or feature films. The company’s barges can be used to stage complex scenes, transport filming equipment, or serve as a base for crew during long shooting days. Corporate clients may also use the services for promotional events or product launches that require a unique and memorable venue.

Government agencies, too, can utilize Barrenjoey Boating Services for various media-related projects. This could include public information campaigns, tourism promotion videos, or educational documentaries about local ecology or maritime history. The company’s barges offer a flexible and versatile platform for such projects, enabling agencies to capture stunning visuals of the local waterways and their surroundings.

Regardless of the client, Barrenjoey Boating Services ensures safety, professionalism, and efficiency. Their experienced crew is adept at meeting the specific needs of film and media production, providing smooth operations for all parties involved.

In summary, Barrenjoey Boating Services provides a unique and versatile platform for various film and media production projects. Their commitment to safety, coupled with their understanding of the special requirements of such projects, makes them an invaluable partner for anyone needing a barge for filming in Sydney’s waterways.


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Barrenjoey Boating Services offers barge and vessel hire services for logistics purposes in several key areas in the waterways of Sydney. These include Palm Beach, Pittwater, Cowan Creek, and Botany Bay. Access to these requires proper licensing and adherence to boating regulations.

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