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Onsite Demolition

Onsite Demolition

Barrenjoey Boating Services, a well-established barge hire company based in Pittwater, Sydney, offers a comprehensive range of onsite demolition services for both private and corporate waterfront properties. Their service areas encompass Broken Bay, Hawkesbury River, Brisbane Water, Pittwater, and the surrounding waterways.

For private properties, their onsite demolition services are particularly relevant for homeowners looking to renovate or rebuild their waterfront homes. This might include demolishing and removing old jetties, boathouses, or other water-bound structures that have become unsafe, obsolete, or simply do not align with the homeowner’s new vision for the property. They also provide demolition services for structures damaged by natural disasters such as storms or floods, ensuring the safe removal and disposal of debris to make way for new construction.

In the corporate sector, Barrenjoey Boating Services’ expertise is often employed for larger-scale projects. This could involve the demolition and removal of outdated commercial marine structures like warehouses, docks, or loading facilities. They also cater to businesses operating in the tourism sector, such as resorts or marinas, where they can safely demolish and remove old or damaged amenities like piers, pontoons, or boardwalks.

Regardless of the scale or nature of the project, Barrenjoey Boating Services ensures that all demolition and removal processes are carried out in an environmentally responsible manner. This involves careful planning to minimise disruption to local ecosystems, and adherence to strict waste management protocols to prevent pollution of the waterways.

Ultimately, Barrenjoey Boating Services’ onsite demolition and removal offerings are about more than just tearing down old structures. They are about helping clients to clear the way for new possibilities, whether that’s a dream waterfront home or a thriving business operation. With a strong commitment to safety, efficiency, and environmental stewardship, they are a trusted partner for all waterfront demolition needs.


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Barrenjoey Boating Services offers barge and vessel hire services for logistics purposes in several key areas in the waterways of Sydney. These include Palm Beach, Pittwater, Cowan Creek, and Botany Bay. Access to these requires proper licensing and adherence to boating regulations.

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