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Passenger Transportation

Passenger Transportation

Barrenjoey Boating Services, based in Pittwater, Sydney, provides a comprehensive range of passenger (Pax) transportation services across Broken Bay, Hawkesbury River, Brisbane Water, Pittwater, and surrounding waterways. This service is essential for both private and corporate clients needing efficient and reliable water transport solutions.

For private clients, Barrenjoey Boating Services can provide transportation for various personal events. For instance, they can offer a unique and scenic method of transporting guests for waterfront weddings, family reunions, or social gatherings held at private residences or islands. Their services are not just limited to event transportation but also extend to providing solutions for homeowners who need regular commuting services from their waterfront properties to the mainland or other locations.

For corporate clients, Barrenjoey Boating Services’ passenger transportation can serve multiple purposes. They can provide employee transportation for businesses with waterfront properties or those located on islands, ensuring a reliable daily commute. They can also cater to the needs of businesses in the tourism and hospitality industries, such as resorts, hotels, or tour companies, by providing transportation for guests to various points of interest or between different facilities.

In addition, Barrenjoey Boating Services can be an integral part of corporate events like conferences, team-building activities, or client entertainment, offering a unique and enjoyable way to move attendees to and from various waterfront locations.

Regardless of the client or purpose, safety and efficiency are at the forefront of Barrenjoey Boating Services’ operations. Their fleet of barges is maintained to high standards, and their crews are experienced and professional, ensuring a comfortable and secure journey for all passengers.

In conclusion, Barrenjoey Boating Services offers a versatile and valuable service that meets the diverse transportation needs of both private and corporate clients. Their commitment to safety, reliability, and excellent customer service makes them a preferred choice for Pax transportation in the region.


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Barrenjoey Boating Services offers barge and vessel hire services for logistics purposes in several key areas in the waterways of Sydney. These include Palm Beach, Pittwater, Cowan Creek, and Botany Bay. Access to these requires proper licensing and adherence to boating regulations.

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